Customers' opinions and thoughts about Hide Folder ScreenLock

I am a businessman and often face the problem of unauthorized people sneaking around and trying to get access to my contracts and account information. With Hide Folder ScreenLock i can just laugh over their dud efforts. So now i am protected not only external hackers, but also from internal "vermins"

Sir Joshua Craiglok
Successful merchant :)
Cash Pro

I and my wife want to say a great "thanks" to you! We live together with our children (Mike is 18, and Judy is 26). They are so noisy and Mike is a real slob. He isn't worried about his future at all! We knew that he used to surf net and look for a gf there. I disapproved it but he didn't want to listen to me.

One day my wife learned about Hide Folder and it occured to me that we could use it to teach Mike a lesson. I downloaded Hide Folder ScreenLock, installed it and set automatic lock after 1 minuter of idleness. Our computer is very expensive and we warned Mike that if he broke anything he would pay for that.

Mike came home, started the computer and went to the Internet. In half an hour he went to the kitchen for a cup of coffee. When he came back he saw that the computer is locked. All he tried to do was in vain. So he got scared and asked for Judy's help. She is a programmer, she loaded him with so many terms that he got really scared. Then it was my turn.

I went home and saw that somebody shutdowned our computer. I started it... Mike was sitting on a sofe, his face was red and legs shaking. I was waiting... and when Windows started all was locked. I said: "Mike, I warned you about it and you broke our computer. How are you going to pay for it??". A lot of quarells we had after this, in the end he gave up. In a day or two he found a job and began earning money.

A month passed. Nike liked his job and decided to stay there (in a garage). Of course we told him the truth. In the end of it he said thank you to us.

And i want to say thanks to you for your software.!

John Dwight
Technical Assistant
Motley Gear

I just wanted to say, your product is one of the best programs I seen in a long long time! I don't know how you did it, and I don't really need to know how, all I know is that it really really works!!! It's amazing!!! And it's such a small download, I can hardly believe it! (boy this sounds like an Informative) It's TRULY a MAGNIFICENT program, and I thank you all for making it!!! I will "sell" your company to everyone I know, as well as complain about the other one. As a business person myself, I've experienced first hand that a great product and excellent service wins customers every time. Please continue to be excellent!"

Little Johney
Free surfer

I can only express my experience with Hide Folder ScreenLock as, "WOW". I am overwhelmed with pleasure about your product, and now this follow up message, WOW. The purchase was hassle free. The software downloaded and installed very easily. I placed a call to you, before I purchased and you answered my questions. I was amazed that your company offers direct contact. My head is still spinning !

College student

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