Customers' opinions and thoughts about Hide Folder Backup

Dear Support Stuff,
So many times i was so upset about powerlosses, so many times i lost my files that i even got used to it... Then i found Hide Folder Backup. Thank you for it. I saved a lot of time and now don't need to worry about my files backup. I left it for Hide Folder Backup.

Creig van Holster
The Neverlands

I won't give you a screed. All i want is to share my thoughts with Hide Folder Backup developers and with othr folk. You need to have a tool for backuping your files and folders. Don't say no! You never know what will happen at the next moment. I lived a happy life while one day i lost all my contracts... if they had been mine that would have been ok, but they were from my company's attorney. So together with lost contracts i lost my job. Do you knwo where i lost me contracts? In my computer!

Now when i found Hide Folder Bckup i believe and i am sure that this won't repeat. I backup my papers to USB memory device. I needn't worry anymore because all the work is being done by the program. When it is the time to make a backup copy it notifies me about it and i insert my card. The only word from me to Hide Folder Backup developers is "thank you for what you do!"

Doctor Franklin
St Andrew Hospital

This is not my fault, i can't help it - I just wanted to say (maybe noone will hear that), your product is one of the best programs I seen in a long time of my short life! I wasn't ever interested how you did it, and I don't really need to know how it, all I know is that it really really works. It's amazing!!! And the price is so low (boy this sounds like a dream) It's indeed a surprising program, and I thank you all for making it!!! I will "resell" your company to everyone I know. As a business person myself, I've experienced first hand that a great product and excellent service wins customers every time. Please continue to be excellent!"

Ivan Sokolov
from Russia

I can only express my experience with Hide Folder Hide Folder Backup as, "great". I am overwhelmed with pleasure about your product, and now this follow up message, WOW. The purchase was hassle free. The software downloaded and installed very easily. I placed a call to you, before I purchased and you answered my questions. I was amazed that your company offers direct contact. My head is still spinning !

College student

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