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Customers' opinions and thoughts about Hide Folder

I am a software developer and often face the problem of unauthorized users snooping around in folders where my data is kept. Hide Folder 3.0 solves this problem cost effectively and I would recommend it to anyone who needs to keep folders out of reach.

I would be happy to give my opinion of the "Hide Folder 2.7" program. It is a very good program and does NOT let anyone else who might have a reason to use your computer, to get into a folder and "snoop" around. For example: I get paid "By the Day" with the Company that I work for Offshore in the Oilfields, and we don't all get paid the same "Day Rate". The owner of the Company doesn't want us to let other co-workers know what we are making. With "Hide-Folder 2.7", I can keep My Invoices "hidden" and with a "Password" and don't have to worry about anyone else "Looking" at them when I'm not in my office.

I would recommend it to everyone!! Thanks for developing a program like this one!!

I am writing to thank you for an altogether excellent purchasing experience. You patiently listened to the problem that I had, and then explained to me the advantages of your products and made some very practical suggestions along the way.

The functionality of Hide Folder software is so varied that we are now secure from many different problems. I live in a large family and the kids like playing with my laptop. So, I just had to hide some files and folders so that they weren't able to delete them by chance.

Thank you again for great technical support! And of, course, for great software!

I understand that you receive many emails like this, here goes anyway. I want to congratulate you for developing great software. I used Hide Folder 2.7 for hiding My Documents because I store all my work in there. I was concerned about privacy as I am a freshman in our company and didn't trust my fellow workers. I looked for some security software and found that Hide Folder solved all of my "prying eyes" problems.

Then I discovered Hide Folder 3.0 (on one of the shareware sites). Amazing! Hide Folder 3.0 helped me to cope with another problem - other users tampering with my desktop. I was very angry when I saw that one of my bosses had deleted some shortcuts and changed my favorite wallpaper. He just deleted it!! Without telling me about it! So, in Hide Folder 3.0 I found the option "Deny Desktop changes" and "Deny Access to Control Panel". The results were hilarious :). I watched one of clerks (with a wry smile) try to change my wallpaper. You should have seen the expression on his face!

Thank you very much for Hide Folder! Keep up the good work!

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