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The new version of ExeScript is now available.

The new version of the product possesses new unique features: script encryption, running a script from memory, adding resources to the exe file, new types of scripts are now supported.

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A new version of ExeScript has been released.

This program converts batch (.bat) files, Java and Visual Basic scripts into executable .exe files.

The following unique features have been added to the new version:

  • Supports "silent mode" - batch files execute invisibly, their launch can be invisible to other users.
  • Encrypts file contents.
  • ExeScript now has a built-in editor for .bat, .vbs and java files.

A new version of Hide Folder Backup is released.

In these times of fast growing digital technologies, people are beginning to think more seriously about data security. The information we store on our computers is often extremely valuable and yet is usually unprotected from system crashes or data theft. Hide Folder Software are aware of the fact that large companies and small home users alike need a secure and affordable backup system they can trust to protect their data and the time they have invested in that data. Hide Folder backup is the worry-free one-stop solution to these secure data backup needs. Program operation is so intuitive that almost anyone can use it, even children.

Hide Folder 3.0 is close to becoming a multilingual program.

We know that not all computer users speak English. Even those that do are sometimes more comfortable with their native language. We have therefore decided to make Hide Folder 3.0 multilingual. Hide Folder 3.0 is currently available in German, Italian, Hungarian, Russian and English. If you would like to contribute to the range of available languages, then go to "Translate" and see if your native language is in the list. If not then we will give you a free Hide Folder 3.0 license in exchange for a translation into your native language.

Version 3.0 is released

We have released a new improved version of Hide Folder and Hide Folder Lite with several added features.

One of the most important changes in version 3.0 - is the use of impenetrable cryptographic algorithms for data protection. Your data will now stay protected, even if an intruder has stolen the media containing your secure information and attempts an assault using brute-force or other methods on his own computer. You can use the powerful encryption functions of Hide Folder 3.0 to transfer your secure information via the net, or even email it, without fear of it being revealed to unauthorized parties.

In Hide Folder 3.0, you can prevent unauthorized changes to your desktop settings - hot-keys, wallpapers, screensavers etc. with just one click. In addition, Hide Folder 3.0 protects the user settings of My Documents, Favorites, Internet History and OS settings of Control Panel, date and time, Desktop.

Hide Folder Lite for Win 95, 98 and ME.

This unique computer security tool that has been praised by corporate security experts and IT industry pundits is now available for users of Win 95, 98 and ME. This version of Hide Folder allows you to select different access modes for your files, hard-drives, data or other computers in the network. Now, more people around the world can protect (hide) important documents from unwanted access. Protect, hide folders, files and drives in Windows 95, 98 and ME!

A new version of Hide Folder 2.7 is released.

New features:

  1. Hot keys. Opening of Hide Folder and changing of access mode with hot keys from other Window's applications. These hot keys will function even when Hide Folder is not running.
  2. Stealth Mode - means the program will be hidden from other users.
  3. Launch of Hide Folder is password protected. Nobody apart from you is able to delete Hide Folder, since it is password-protected.
  4. Access protection for My Documents and My Favorites folders with one click.
  5. A new attractive, friendlier interface. We listened carefully to Users' comments when developing this version.

Additional features are now available:

  • Ability to deny changes in desktop settings (Protects shortcuts and wallpapers).
  • Support for FAT, FAT32, NTFS.
  • The trial period is increased to 30 days.