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you were great

Postby SWTerry » June 19, 2017, 10:13 am

I give him another quick kiss then take his hand and get us both out of bed. “Come on” I say, “I want to make some more memories for you.” I lead him out of the room, both of us almost completely naked, and take Billy downstairs, into the sitting room. I kiss him again deeply, gently stroking his cock, then pull away and bend over the arm of the sofa. I look back and say “I want you to fuck me doggy style Billy.” “Ok” and with that he takes himself in hand and pushes his penis against my pussy. With a slight movement he slides in, filling me up until I feel stuffed full. He holds there a moment, bracing himself, then he’s swiftly pulling out and then he’s filling me again and it feels good. Like really good. With every stroke, I spread my legs further, and he speeds up. I’m moaning and gasping, he’s making this cute little panting noise. I imagine he’s probably not used to getting this much exercise, but he’s certainly giving it his all and it’s definitely worth it. This kid is going to be a fucking machine with a bit more practice. Each thrust into me lifts me up in the air a bit, it feels like he trying to push right through me. I’m almost there when he stops. Out of breath and sweating, he apologises. “I’m sorry, I can’t keep going. You’re exhausting me.”

“That’s alright babe.” I then take his hand again and lead him into the kitchen. I sit him down on one of the kitchen chairs and straddle him. “I’ll finish you off.” I lower myself down and let his juice covered cock fill me again and soon we’re at it again. Thankfully it doesn’t take too long as I think we almost broke the chair. “I’m cumming Debra! I’m cumming!” he shouts and it feels like it’s going to shoot straight through me and he’s hitting just the right angle and I cum again, howling like a banshee.
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