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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Hide Folder?

Hide Folder is a secure and easy to use program that allows you to password-protect and easily prevent access to your private and important folders. It supports access modes for making your folders completely invisible, simply inaccessible or allowing read-only access. It even allows you to specify which programs are still able to access your Hide Folder protected items, such as virus scanners or disk drive utilities.

A protected folder and its contents cannot be renamed, modified, deleted, copied, moved, accessed or even seen on the system by other users.

Features list:

  • You can hide files, folders and disks with Hide Folder.
  • You can set access rights (Read, Write, Visibility, Delete) for all files, folders and disks. For example, you can set Read Only mode for your files or even forbid deletion of your files.
  • No one but you is able to access the blocked files, folders and disks.
  • Secure password protection of files, folders and disks.
  • Hide Folder does not change the data file structure and does not move the protected data. Your files will never get lost.
  • Support for multiple objects for security.
  • Launch of Hide Folder is password protected.
  • Opening of Hide Folder and changing the file access mode using hot keys in other Windows applications.
  • The hot keys continue working when Hide Folder is not running.
  • Trusted processes, grant processes unlimited access rights to Hide Folder protected files.
  • Stealth Mode means the program will be masked from other users.
  • High levels of protection using military strength encryption.
  • Protection for My Documents and My Favorites with one click.
  • Support of FAT, FAT32, NTFS.

If you share your computer with others, at home, at work or in any other environment, this program can help you to secure your files and folders from prying eyes, malicious programs, deadly computer viruses, trojans and other unwanted access or accidental damage.

It is a must-have tool for anyone seeking to secure their system with ease, confidence and trust. Hide Folder software is so secure that even if it crashes or if someone kills the Hide Folder program maliciously, it will still keep protecting your files. The program is small in size and easy in use. It is ideal for schools, offices and homes - any place where computers are accessed by more than one person.

How does Hide Folder work?

Hide Folder works by installing a low-level file system driver. This monitors and intercepts the calls to files, folders and drives made by a particular program before they reach Windows. In other words, it acts like a middle man between the operating system (Windows) and your software programs. When a request is made to, for example, open a folder, Hide Folder searches its list of protected folders. If found, it takes appropriate action to protect it. Hide Folder is designed so that, even if it crashes, your folders are still protected.

During the protection process, Hide Folder does not attempt to modify your files/folders in any way, so even if something goes wrong with Hide Folder or Windows crashes, your files will remain unchanged.

What is the Trusted Processes Window?

You will see this screen when you select "Edit -> Trusted Processes..." from the main menu or select the "Processes..." button from the toolbar.

You can select trusted processes by holding "Ctrl" and clicking on the desired processes. For example, you may choose "Explorer.exe" as trusted process. After that, you will get full access to all protected objects from Explorer. You can select or deselect all trusted processes by clicking on the 'Select All' or 'Clear All' buttons.

What is the Registration Window?

You will see this screen when you select from the main window's menu "?" -> "Register" menu item.

You should enter information into this dialog only after you have received an email or letter from Hide Folder Software with your license information. If you do not have it yet, please click on the Cancel button.

Your license notification will list your "Key" value that consists of four parts. Please enter each part, without dashes, in the separate fields in the dialog.

Please enter all strings exactly as shown in your license notification from Hide Folder. The most common mistake is to confuse 0 (the number zero) with O (the letter O) when typing your code.

The most easy and accurate way to enter your registration code correctly is to copy each part of the Key to the Windows clipboard (select it with mouse and press Ctrl+C) and then paste it into the appropriate edit box (using Ctrl+V).

After entering the above click on the OK button and restart Hide Folder. If the code was entered correctly, the word "Unregistered" no longer appears in the program title or the About dialog.

How can I try Hide Folder before purchasing?

Hide Folder is Try Before You Buy software. It is NOT free or public domain software. This means that you are entitled to evaluate the program for a specified amount of time and must purchase a license if you think it will meet your needs or else stop using it. In the case of Hide Folder, the trial period is for separate 30 days (these days do not have to be continuous calendar dates from the date of installation).

The trial version of Hide Folder is NOT crippled in any way and there are no missing functions. This allows you to properly try out all features of the software so that you can decide if it meets your needs.

The trial version of the product has a number of functional limitations:

  • Ten file/folder limit.
  • Nag screen that appears during work sessions.
  • 30-day limit. After that, you either have to uninstall or buy the product.

When you purchase the program these limitations will be removed. Please see the order page for more information.

How can I order Hide Folder?

The current price is US$34.95 for a single Hide Folder license. If you wish to purchase multiple licenses, we provide volume discounts and educational pricing. Please contact us with relevant information such as your organization, number of licenses you would like to purchase and appropriate contact information. Credit cards are accepted.

You can license Hide Folder using the following methods:

  • Online
  • Phone
  • Mail

Visa, MasterCard/EuroCard, American Express and Discover credit cards are all accepted.

All purchase information will be encrypted before transmission to prevent possible interception by a third party. Your purchase transmissions are absolutely secure and private.

The link provided below will provide more information on online purchases.

Order page: http://www.hide-folder.com/order/

Useful Hints

Drag and drop support

You can drag and drop files and folders onto the Hide Folder window to hide them.

Do not hide critical system files!

DO NOT hide folders that contain critical system files. If Windows needs a file that exists only in one of your hidden folders then it will not be able to find it until you make the folders visible. If you accidentally hide important system files then it is very possible that your computer will not boot correctly and you will need to uninstall manually. Another solution is to set the system process as trusted.

Locking removable media

If you do not want people running programs from CD-ROM drives or floppy drives, such as your A drive, you can just set VISIBILITY access to them. This will prevent users from opening files from CD-ROMS and running programs from floppy disks.

Locking the Windows desktop

You can lock your down Windows desktop so that users cannot delete, add or modify your shortcuts or icons etc. from your desktop. To do this set read access to the folder path to your Windows desktop.

What happens if Hide Folder crashes or someone terminates the program?

We have even catered for this. Hide Folder is very secure in the way that it protects your folders. Even if the program crashes for some reason, or a malicious user somehow terminates the Hide Folder program, your folders will still be protected for the entire Windows session. The only way to unprotect them while Windows is running is to launch Hide Folder, supply the correct password and then access Hide Folder setup.

I protect some files, but they are still unprotected. Why so?

Check your trusted processes. For additional information, see the "Trusted processes window".

After trial period, will I be able to access the hidden files?

Yes, you will, but the time countdown is inconvenient. The easiest way to solve this problem is to buy Hide Folder.

Can I set up Hot Keys using my national language (Italian, for example)?

It is strongly advisable to set up Hot Keys in English or a language that Hide Folder uses. Sometimes Hide Folder does not recognize national languages.