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Hide Folder Software Code of Ethics

We understand that people need trust and confidence when ordering software. Hide Folder Software offers an honor-based 14 days money-back-guarantee on all of our products. We offer a full refund if any of our products cause inappropriate behavior of the customer's PC or operating system or in the event of a product malfunction, provided the software is used correctly. Hide Folder Software cannot accept responsibility for failures in the event of incorrect operation of our software.

We guarantee 100% satisfaction when using Hide Folder software. Our software is thoroughly tested, which means that they are unlikely to fail. In the unlikely event of a software malfunction, we provide continuous technical support with individual attention to every customer.

Our aim is to provide security solutions for everyone - from users to developers. Hide Folder software products make every attempt to protect user's data and programs from corruption. During the time Hide Folder Software has been developing and distributing products, we have gathered customers' opinions and suggestions. We have incorporated many of our customer's suggestions into our products with security as our number one priority and can assure Hide Folder Software customers of complete privacy and security.

Hide Folder Privacy Statement:

"Web site visitors and Hide Folder Software customers often send private information to us. We do not share it with anybody. In no case shall Hide Folder Software Company or its employees forward any personal information to a third-party. Any violations of this directive would be legally prosecuted as declared in the Working Agreement of every Hide Folder software employee. We will not knowingly allow customer information to be used for any purpose other than what is required to perform our services."

Note: Our online order service processor is SWREG. This company is famous for its security and safety.